Advanced SWAT Course

Addresse100 Gamecock Dr
AtNE Alabama Law Enforcement Academy
CountyCalhoun (AL1007)
100 Gamecock Dr
NE Alabama Law Enforcement Academy
Calhoun (AL1007)
Tel 2017-11-06
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Advanced SWAT Course

Day 1: Long Day. Review basic tactical concepts, movement, clearing techniques, planning, vehicle assaults, gas, flash-bangs, hostage rescue and breaching. Ballistis Breaching, and Porting are now in the class. There are no classroom events on day one except registration procedures. Day 2: Land navigation classroom and a required compass course (day and night) exercise, woodland operations, rural movements to objective. Night missions requiring land navigation to objective. Day 3: Multi-level entry, multiple entry points, live gas clearing, use of visual aids during clearing operations. Hostage Rescue, Direct to Threat, Barrier Porting, Area Denial and other topics. Day 4: ALong Day. ll day live fire training. Students must pass multiple handgun and long gun qualifications and rifle qualification.

Live fire day will test the student's limits. Ballistic Breaching training will be completed. Day 5: Graded exercises. The final day of training will consist of a graded operation. The operation will not be disclosed until the day of the exercise. All students must receive a "passing" status to graduate the course on the scenarios. These scenarios use non-lethal training ammunition (force on force). The program requires a minimum of 10 students. This course requires moderate to high levels of fitness and the class learning objective will fatigue the student. The student must be able to walk, run short distances, kneel, squat, bend, assume prone positions and recover to any position unassisted. Students should not attend that have bad backs, heart conditions or any other physical limitations.
Cost $385.00 .

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