Advanced / LE level Semi Auto Pistol Class (POST credit)

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Advanced / LE level Semi Auto Pistol Class (POST credit)

If you plan to carry a gun for protection or you are a certified PEACE Officer this isthe course that 10-8 Training recommends you take at least once per year. Thisclass meets at the gun range and is designed to build upon the skills learnedin the NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting course. Youmust pass 10-8 Training NRA Basic of Pistol class to take this courseunless you are a Certified Georgia PEACE Officer. This class includes drillsdesigned to test and improve your shooting skills. During this class you willalso shoot the Georgia Semi-Auto Pistol Qualification course that POSTcertified PEACE Officers must pass each year. Certified Officers and RetiredLEO will receive POST credit if needed. For this class you are required tobring your own firearm with at least three mags, a quality holster and at least200 rounds of ammo.

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