Adult Cooking: Ethiopian Eats

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Adult Cooking: Ethiopian Eats

In this course we travel to the fertile country of Ethiopia via its rich, wholesome and historically significant cuisine. Ethiopia’s beautiful cultural heritage is reflected in its food: deliciously diverse, full of color and flavor and boasts a variety of important health benefits. Each chef begins by preparing one of the country’s staple dishes: Injera. This highly nutritious, rich in fiber gluten-free bread serves as both a plate and a utensil for your entrée and side dishes: Buticha (creamy chickpea dip), Berbere spiced chicken breast and Atkilt (vegetable stew loaded with cabbage, potatoes and carrots). Ethiopian cuisine is not known for its desserts, with most families adopting their confections from other countries. In this class, each chef will layer together phyllo dough, nuts & honey to create a Middle Eastern sugary treat: baklava.

It’s an exceptional ending to this culturally rich, flavorful and educational course. *This class may accommodate Dairy-Free and Vegetarian dietary restrictions. Sorry, Gluten-Free options not available. Chef KeAnna: About Chef KeAnna: Chef Dodds is a professionally trained chef from Johnson & Wales University. She has worked for the world renowned Wolfgang Puck and several other highly ranked restaurants across the country. Her skill set and knowledge of different cuisines always brings fun and innovative dishes to the table.  Chef KeAnna is excited to bring these skills into the classroom and share her new and exciting cuisines and flavors.  Adult & Date Night Classes: Is there an age requirement for this class? We ask that participants are 18+ years, or that they have completed a Kids’ Intermediate class (12+ years), as the tools and techniques will be similar.
What does "Hands On" mean? Hands-on changes from class to class, but it generally means getting your hands dirty. From rolling sushi to slicing and dicing, the class will be designed around the theme and age group of the class. We'll provide the tools, so don't fret. Most of the tools are what you'd have at home, as we try to encourage taking the lessons learned in the class and apply them at home. Is there a Dress Code? We strongly recommend wearing clothes appropriate for the kitchen. Closed-toed shoes, sleeves above your elbows, and a way to tie up longer hair are all strongly recommended. What do if I have a food sensitivity or restriction? We've got substitutes prepared. Each time you purchase a ticket it will ask you to list your dietary restrictions.
Please be as explicit as possible. If there's a class with a major component, ie. flour in pasta making, that might conflict with your sensitivity, we ask that you please consider another class that removes possible cross-contamination. Although we usually can accommodate nearly every allergy/diet restriction, there may be a chance we will not be able to for a particular class. If there is a concern, we will be sure to reach out to you and refund the ticket before the day of the class. Do I need to bring my ticket to class? Nope. We do check-ins by name so all you need to bring is your lovely self. Is there a waiting list? Unfortunately, our classes are on a first-come, first serve basis. If you're interested in joining our classes, we encourage you to sign up early.
Do you do private events? We do. Please follow the link below which will show you which type of events we offer & how to schedule one: What's your refund policy? We're happy to refund your ticket up to 24 hours before the event. This allows our chefs adequate time to prepare materials and ingredients for the class. What if I have more questions? Please reach out to us at the following email: **Please note- this style of class does not include seating. Just like your kitchen at home, it’s easier to prep, chop, and slice while standing. Please wear comfortable shoes. Also, our kitchen tends to fluctuate occasionally in temperature. Please bring a jacket in the event the room gets a bit chilly.
This class is subject to cancellation, please note it may be cancelled up to 24 hours prior to the class. In the event of a cancellation, a full refund will be offered.

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