Activating Your Digestive Fire with Ayurveda Workshop

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3399 Main St, Suite Q-3
Mammoth Lakes
Mountain Sol Yoga & Holistic Healing
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Activating Your Digestive Fire with Ayurveda Workshop

Activating Your Digestive Fire with Ayurveda -A Seasonal Ayurvedic Recipes Workshop- Join Jason Wise and Margeaux Fraasa, both Certified Plant Food Chefs and Yoga Instructors, for a 2 hour recipe development workshop exploring Ayurvedic foods for winter wellness and vitality. Ayurveda, an ancient Hindu medicine system, integrates following the cycle of seasons as well as tuning into your individual constitution, prakruti, for optimal health and balance both body and mind. Ayurveda also views health of the digestive system as the source of highest health. Agni,meaning fire, is seen as a metaphor for stimulating digestion and therefore all metabolic functions in the body. In winter season, the digestive fire is actually the strongest. Early December is the perfect time to choose health-supporting foods and spices that stimulate the digestive fire at its strongest time of the year.

In this workshop we will ... Discuss the three subtle energies/doshas of prakruti (vata, pitta and kapha) and how they integrate into our seasonal health Discuss ancient India Vedic culture and relationship with agni, or digestive fire Demonstrate and prepare three foundation Ayurvedic recipes that ignite digestive fire, build up and nourish the body in winter season Learn essential spices for seasoning your winter foods that aid in a strong, balanced digestion Practice pranayama (breathing techniques) that activate digestive fire This workshop includes a meal of kitchari, golden milk and ginger spiced tonic. Cost $25 pp before 12/9, $30 Day of .

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