5th Annual Pharma CX Summit East (PCG)

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5th Annual Pharma CX Summit East (PCG)

THE PHARMA CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE SUMMIT 2018 HOW CAN PHARMA IMPROVE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE? — STRATEGY — CONTENT — TECHNOLOGY — INNOVATION — Join us on March 28-29 in Summit, NJ for the leading customer-experience event in pharma LEARN FROM CX EXPERTS HOW PHARMA BRANDS CAN IMPROVE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE IN A SYSTEMATIC, MEASURABLE AND PROFITABLE WAY THE LATEST INSTRUCTION, STRATEGY AND ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS FROM DIGITAL EXPERTS IN PHARMA AND OTHER INDUSTRIES THE EXPERIENCE Collaboration. Networking. Learning. To foster this environment, attendance is discounted for pharma/med device companies to ensure this is an industry-led event. Expect to join 120 of your pharma marketing colleagues with limited vendor attendance. OVERVIEW The Pharma CX Summit is the top experiential marketing conference for the industry, focusing on enabling pharma to exceed customer expectations and meet business objectives.

THE FACULTY 12 pharma CX experts 8 experts from the CX field 4 CX/UX gurus from other industries THE FORMAT Fast. Engaging. Effective. CONTENT-DRIVEN SESSIONS Plenty of Networking Breaks Full Lunch & Breakfast Included Reception to Follow Hear from 25+ leading digital customer experience experts and A senior-level industry led audience AGENDA Day One – March 28 8:00 – 8:58 am Conference Registration Open Welcome Breakfast – Breakfast, Coffee and Refreshments Served 8:58 – 9:04 am Opening Remarks from Conference Emcee Seth Painter, Business Consultant, HealthLink Dimensions 9:04 – 9:34 am Intelligence Everywhere: Chatbots, AI, and Business Transformation A year ago, AI was a technology conversation.

Today it is a business conversation layered with considerations about workforce realignment, strategic pivots, budget reallocation and user experience. This presentation provides a common sense narrative based on practical experience on the cultural, technical and philosophical challenges of implementing AI and transforming your business. Jennifer Snell, Vice President, Next IT Healthcare 9:34 – 10:09 am How GSK is Modernizing the Pharma Business Model The healthcare industry is going through a period of intense change, including the pharmaceutical sector. Evolving societal expectations and greater competition are fueling opportunities to rethink the status quo and embrace the future with convenient, on-demand, digital access to information and services.

Learn how GlaxoSmithKline is addressing this challenge and modernizing its business model on a global scale. Laura Longstreth, Lead Director, IT Marketing, GlaxoSmithKline 10:09 – 10:44 am CX Design: Next Generation Digital and Brand Experiences Atomic design is a new methodology that creates a system of elements that can be combined to create increasingly complex elements that are used to create a consistent brand look and feel across any digital platform. Learn how Citi is modernizing its digital work flow, plus recommendations for the pharma Stephen Gates, Global Head of Design, Citi 10:44 – 11:04 am NETWORKING BREAK 11:04 – 11:34 am PANEL: Design Thinking for Improving and Innovating Customer Experiences • Keys to building better customer experiences in healthcare • Designing experiences that provide value and engage customers • Identifying and improving weaknesses in customer journey mapping Cordy Swope, Sr.

Director, Insights & Experience, Johnson & Johnson Joyce Ercolino, Digital Business Leader and Strategist Francis Beaudet, Interaction Designer, Macadamian 11:34 – 12:04 pm The New Health Customer We are at an inflection point in the history of health. Dramatic technological innovation, the mass consumerization of healthcare, the power of women over healthcare decisions, and the influence of new generations of decision makers have created a moment ripe for change. To succeed in today’s healthcare industry, it’s vital to understand the new health customer. Lynn O’Connor Vos, Chief Executive Officer, ghg | greyhealth group 12:04 – 12:34 pm PANEL: Shaping the Multi-Channel Customer Experience • Determining the most effective channels and messaging strategy • What are the biggest MCM challenges for pharma marketers? • Innovative CX case studies and pilot programs – what’s working? Alison Tapia, Associate Director, Multichannel Marketing, Allergan Lisa Britton, Customer Experience + Innovation Leader, AstraZeneca Kristina Lynn, Former Sr.

Manager, Multichannel Marketing, Purdue 12:34 – 1:39 pm NETWORKING LUNCHEON 1:39 – 2:09 pm Exploring a New Patient and HCP Journey Model The space in which patients and HCPs navigate while making treatment decisions is complex and intertwined. Yet, brands often plan patient and HCP marketing efforts in silos. The goal is to encourage positive patient and HCP conversations and the hope is each individual team’s efforts lead to a dialogue. But hope is not a strategy. In this session we’ll discuss Butler/Till’s model for how patients and HCPs learn about treatment options and their efficacy, how brands can follow through on the patient/HCP conversation, and how to identify the key stages where brands should focus their communication efforts. Mike DiCaprio, Director, Strategic Planning, Butler/Till Nicole Hamlin, Account Supervisor, Butler/Till 2:09 – 2:39 pm What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know About Your Customers... Let’s get back to basics here. We all know you can’t innovate unless you have a solid foundation in place. Are you taking full advantage of all the digital tools in your arsenal? Of course not. Your marketers don’t even know the difference between SEM and SEO, much less how to use them to mine for valuable insights. Are you listening in social media - not just to inform your digital initiatives, but to support a truly multichannel approach? You should be. Let’s learn what we need to learn, and identify what others around you don't know (but should know) to know your customers. Zoe Dunn, Principal, Hale Advisors 2:39 – 3:09 pm Designing For The Emotion of Healthcare Human emotions are incredibly complex and interactions regarding our health are weighted heavily with emotion. When designing the patient journey and experience, taking emotions into account should be a key component in the process. Hear about the application of techniques like ethnography, user testing, personas and co-collaboration that allow the designs to cater to the emotional experience of the patient. At its core, design is about understanding people. We’ll share specific case study examples and learnings from several healthcare clients on what happens when designers incorporate psychology, biology, and customer insight to take a truly human-centered approach. Lauren Krabbe, Lead Experience Architect, Effective 3:09 – 3:29 pm NETWORKING BREAK 3:29 – 3:59 pm PANEL: Emerging Technology for Healthcare Marketers • Applications for digital health in branded/unbranded marketing • Examining the role of mobile technology in the customer experience • Existing digital technologies and their impact on healthcare marketing Eric Steager, Director, Corporate Innovation, Independence Blue Cross Phil Coggshall, Former Associate Director, Consumer Marketing, Merck Qusai Mahesri, Founder & Managing Director, Xpediant Solutions 3:59 – 4:29 pm Don’t Just Deliver Support, Ochestrate on Experience • Common challenges in building and running patient support programs • Tools and techniques for zeroing in on patient/caregiver/HCP needs • Success factors in designing and optimizing a support experience Greg Klein, Managing Partner, Nuvera Life Science Consulting Farris Ibrahim Director, Nuvera Life Science Consulting 4:29 – 4:59 pm FDA Update: Life Under the New Trump Administration for Pharma Marketers This talk will review the impact of the latest moves by the administration on the pharma industry and discuss the latest developments from the FDA. Dale Cooke, Regulatory Expert, President, PhillyCooke Consulting 4:59 – 5:29 pm PANEL: Patient Engagement - Keys to Connecting with Patients • Examining the effectiveness of beyond the pill services • Where do you think pharma is on the adoption curve of CX? • What are some of the challenges faced when starting CX? • How do you build internal skills and stakeholders? • What does success look like? Loius Zollo, Director, Global Portfolio Development, Teva Mike Edwards, Sr. Director, Patient Marketing, LEO Pharma Cheryl Roche Alexander, President, Enlightened Consulting 5:29 – 7:00 pm NETWORKING DRINKS RECEPTION END OF DAY ONE Day Two – March 29 8:00 – 8:58 am Conference Registration Open Networking Breakfast – Breakfast, Coffee and Refreshments Served 8:58 – 9:08 am Day One Recap from Conference Chairman Seth Painter, Business Consultant, Healthlink Dimensions 9:08 – 9:38 am What Takes CX to the Next Level? H2H CX is about creating opportunities by understanding your customers journey. H2H (Human-to-Human) marketing is how your brand speaks to your customers along that journey. Using digital and research tools, you can craft meaningful content to engage with your audience with empathy and compassion. We will define their respective roles, twelve basic tenets of H2H, and end on ten questions you should ask when starting your own CX journey. Alfred O’Neill, Principal, Harbinger Associates 9:38 – 10:13 am BMS Case Study: Co-Creating Healthcare Communications with Patients The Universal Patient Language (UPL) is a set of resources to help communicate complex topics with patients. We developed the UPL to provide practical tools and guidance to teams within BMS and their agency partners who create patient communications. In 2015, Bristol-Myers Squibb decided to make the UPL an open-source capability, sharing it with anyone who is interested in working on patient communications. The UPL was created, and evolves, with collaboration from patients, caregivers, advocates, healthcare practitioners, and communication and visualization experts in co-creation sessions— workshops where participants build prototypes of new patient communications. In this presentation we will walk through one of the first applications of the UPL–redesigning how Drug Safety Information (DSI) for certain medications is communicated. The goal was to apply the UPL to create a version of DSI that would be more engaging for patients to read. Elizabeth Turcotte, Director, Patient HUB, Bristol-Myers Squibb 10:13 – 10:43 am Simple Is The New Hard. In a day with a lot of innovation, diverse solutions and resource challenges from clients, how do you create focus on what is important ...driving the business? How do you spend less time and resources building and more time marketing? How do you balance the “build” with the “promotion”? Companies must select technology stacks and vendors that automate processes, simplify data connections so the focus can be on driving the business not establishing an infrastructure. But to make it work companies must fight the urge to customize and limit configuration. They need tools and partners that have a “bank” of tools to meet a variety of business needs and that are scalable. Qusai Mahesri, Founder & Managing Director, Xpediant Solutions 10:43 – 11:09 am NETWORKING BREAK 11:09 – 11:39 am BMW WORKSHOP: The Power of Hello In this day of technology, overbooked schedules and multi-tasking, we too often forget the basic common courtesies of human interaction that could lead to an exceptional customer service experience. In the luxury automotive industry, this was ever present at the end of 2015 and it became my mission to create and educate our partners around the “Power of Hello.” This presentation will encourage each participant to examine who they are and how they want to be perceived. In this interactive session, we discuss reasons why “Hello’ has become secondary and how to reframe our perspective to reengage our family, our colleagues and ultimately our customers. What seems to be a very simple concept has the power to challenge the audience around their human interactions and their desire to deliver the ultimate experience to their customers. After the session, each participant will better understand: 1. How they want to be perceived as a human being vs. what is happening with the other person. 2How “The Power of Hello” is about possibility and opportunity vs. just a pleasantry. 3How “Hello” may create higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. “The Power of Hello” is relatable, thought provoking and a change agent. I will share our journey that started as a conversation and through a dose of inspiration and passion has become a movement inside our organization. “The Power of Hello” will inspire your participants into action by breathing life into simple acts of kindness. Jacqueline Jasionowski, Customer Experience Lead, BMW North America 11:39 – 12:09 pm An Effective Patient Engagement Strategy It has been said that patient engagement is the holy grail of healthcare, but what is it and who’s doing it? Everyone is talking about it, although we can’t agree on what it is. Depending on you talk to, the term can be used to describe everything from patient portals, social media strategies, using wearable’s to track vitals to patients actively engaging in their own health and wellness. In this sessoion, hear several perspectives on patient engagement including how it has evolved, where it’s heading and why it’s important. • The pharmaceutical marketer’s perspective • The provider’s perspective • The payer’s perspective Cheryl Roche Alexander, President, Enlightened Consulting 12:09 – 12:39 pm If Your Marketing Looks the Same as 5 Years Ago You Really Are Not Focused on the Patient • Today’s marketing goal has to balance the needs of patient vs the needs of the brand • To impact health outcomes and the end-user are essential elements • Who is the end-user, anyway? Dyan Bryson, Patient Advocate, Health Inspired Strategies 12:39 – 2:00 pm NETWORKING LUNCHEON END OF DAY TWO Speakers Louis Zollo Director, Global Portfolio Development, Teva Elizabeth Turcotte Director, Patient Hub, Bristol-Myers Squibb Stephen Gates Global Head of Design, Citi Alison Tapia Associate Director, Marketing, Allergan Mike Edwards Sr. Director, Patient Marketing, LEO Pharma Joyce Ercolino Digital Business Leader and Strategist Cheryl Roche Alexander President, Enlightened Consulting Laura Longstreth Lead Director, IT Marketing, GlaxoSmithKline Lauren Krabbe Lead Experience Architect, Effective Nicole Hamlin Account Supervisor, Butler/Till Lynn O’Connor Vos President, ghg | greyhealth group Cordy Swope Sr. Director, Experience Strategy, J&J Jennifer Snell Vice President, Next IT Healthcare Eric Steager Director, Innovation, Independence Blue Cross Jorge Herrera Digital Lead, Emerging Markets, Pfizer Qusai Mahesri Managing Director, Xpediant Solutions Seth Painter Business Director, HealthLink Dimensions Dale Cooke President, PhillyCooke Consulting Zoe Dunn Principal, Hale Advisors Alfred O’Neill Principal, Harbinger Associates Jacqueline Jasionowski Customer Experience Lead, BMW Francis Beaudet Interaction Designer, Macadamian Mike DiCaprio Director, Strategic Planning, Butler/Till Lisa Britton CX + Innovation Leader, AstraZeneca Please contact the event manager Marilyn (marilyn.b.turner(at)nyeventslist.com ) below for: - Multiple participant discounts - Price quotations or visa invitation letters - Payment by alternate channels (PayPal, check, Western Union, wire transfers etc) - Event sponsorships NO REFUNDS OR TRANSFER ALLOWED ON REGISTRATIONS Service fees included in this listing. 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