40K Campaign: War for Echronedal

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40K Campaign: War for Echronedal

Welcome to the Heretic Games campaign, War for Echronedal. This campaign uses the rules for Planetstrike and Stronghold Assault in the Chapter Approved 2017 40k supplement. The campaign will last for 12 missions, 1 each weekend. Recruitment begins now. Chaos armies may only join the Attacker team and Imperial armies may only join the Defender team for the first 6 missions of the campaign. Xenos may choose either side, but may be asked to join one or the other to even out the number of players. If you don't mind which team you are on, you will be assigned to one. Rules for the linear campaign are detailed on page 54 of Chapter Approved. We will use some modified rules, detailed on a public Google Doc located here: https://goo.gl/LufAV2 The official campaign days are listed on this Facebook event page, but campaign games may be played on any day, if players prefer.

The only condition is the game must be played in the store so the results can be recorded.

++ INCOMING TRANSMISSION ++ On the edge of the Great Rift is the rustic Imperial world of Echronedal. Even before the Dark Millennium the planet possessed only a modest strategic value to the Adeptus Administratum. It harbors raw resources of some note, but otherwise the idyllic planet and its backwards industrial society has drawn little attention from the Imperium or its enemies over the centuries. That is, until the Corridor appeared. In M42.232 a sudden warpstorm spread from the Great Rift and engulfed Echronedal’s home star system, Azad. For 12 days the planet’s skies were wracked by the nightmarish turmoil of the warp.

Then as suddenly as it started, the storm cleared, and in the sky there appeared a strange new anomaly. The Adeptus Astrologicus identified it as the mouth of a stable corridor through the Great Rift. Suddenly, Echronedal was a gateway to the Dark Imperium: that beleaguered half of the Emperor’s realm cut off from the light of the Astronomicon. With surprising speed the unwieldy Imperial bureaucracy rushed to establish new defenses on the planet. It was perfectly placed to act as a staging ground for expeditions bound for Dark Imperium as reinforcements. In a single stroke, Echronedal had gone from being barely known to one of the most important strategic locations in Imperial space. However, this new development has not gone unnoticed by the Imperium’s many enemies.

Already the forces of Chaos and opportunistic Xenos gather...

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