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SAT, NOV 30, 2019 10a: Ran (1985, Rialto, dir by Akira Kurosawa, 162mns, 35mm) VISTA  [12 Months of Kurosawa] We jump ahead twenty two years from High and Low to Kurosawa’s great late period masterpiece, Ran, his final adaptation of Shakespeare, this time King Lear.  Kurosawa was 75 when he made this movie, the same age as Martin Scorsese as he makes/edits his most recent movie, The Irishman.  What is fascinating is that after a period of roughly fifteen years where Kurosawa would have to struggle for five years to find financing for his grand visions (whereas in the 1950’s he made 1-2 movies a year) before he could make a movie, he still had the stamina, determination, and vision to make such a vital, stunning, unsettling, vibrant work. Ran is one of Kurosawa’s most despairing movies as King Lear was one of Shakespeare’s most despairing plays.

It tells the story of cocky, vain, egotistical Lord Hideotra, who divides his kingdom among his three sons, only to watch them descend into a bloodlust war with themselves for ultimate power. Lord Hidetora watches all of his best laid plans go up in smoke, fire, and sprays of blood as the baser (and more powerful?) instincts of greed and power and mistrust overwhelm the more honorable traits of love, loyalty, and restraint. RAN is one of Kurosawa’s most epic visions. Filled with bold colors, epic battle scenes, geysers of blood and revenge.  It is the harrowing bold visionary work of a master filmmaker, filled with a kind of energy and rigor unseen in the work of filmmakers half Kurosawa’s age. While Kurosawa would go on to make three more movies, including the fascinating and more hopeful Dreams, RAN would be his last out and out masterpiece.
Yet that means that Kurosawa’s run lasted roughly from 1948 through 1985, a 37 year run, only approached by his fellow internationally famous filmmaker, Ingmar Bergman.  And it was Bergman who said “A French critic cleverly wrote that ‘with Autumn Sonata Bergman does Bergman.’ It is witty but unfortunate. For me, that is. I think it is only too true that Bergman (Ingmar, that is) did a Bergman… I love and admire the filmmaker Tarkovsky and believe him to be one of the greatest of all time. My admiration for Fellini is limitless. But I also feel that Tarkovsky began to make Tarkovsky films and that Fellini began to make Fellini films. Yet Kurosawa has never made a Kurosawa film.”   This programmer actually finds that quote quite profound in its perceptiveness.
And will leave it there.    Best always, Craig Hammill 35mm Secret Movie Club Programmer.Organizer  FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:  TICKETS: Tickets for all our events are available online at https://secretmovieclub.eventbrite.com or through each individual event on our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/secretmovieclub35mm/.  Unless otherwise noted, all our movies screen at The Vista Theater, 4473 Sunset Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90027.   We currently are showing 1-2 movies a season at the Los Feliz 3, 1822 North Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027; about 8 blocks from the Vista Theater in Los Feliz.   We also make tickets available at the Vista Box Office. REFUNDS: We will honor all refund requests as long as they are made 24 hours or more before the listed start time of the screening.
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