2019 Starlight Racing - Starlight Mania XIX

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2019 Starlight Racing - Starlight Mania XIX

Whatch gonna do brother, when Starlight Mania runs wild on you?  Looking for a fun option for Friday nights in February? Starlight Mania is the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. The Starlight Race Series is a four-week adult (21+) race series for Skiers, Snowboarders, and Telemarkers -  Friday nights, February 1st through 22nd, 2019. Races, parties, prizes, music, beer... What more could you ask for? How about the most epic party of the year, the Starlight Finale Party featuring live music in Taps. Create a team of up to five racers. Each team can have any combination of skiers, snowboarders, or telemark skiers and any combination of men and women. Individual racers get to take two runs through the NASTAR venue each week, with their best run counting toward their team score.

As a member of Starlight Mania, you'll be expected to adhere to these guidelines: All racers must have fun. If you can’t have fun don’t bother showing up. All racers must be 21 years old or older by Feb 1st, 2019. There are no substitutions. Once you race, you cannot swap. Any team caught substituting may be disqualified from the series. Racers must compete each week on the same type of equipment they started with. Telemark skiers who do not perform telemark turns will receive a DQ for that run. Your heel is free for a reason. Each racer can take two (2) runs maximum through the NASTAR venue each week. Anyone taking more than two runs gets a DSQ for the night. Racers can take no more than one (1) run per course per night. Results are calculated using our custom Starlight handicapping system.

Helmets required. Scoring Scoring is based on your age, gender and discipline.  We will take your single fastest run of the night and use that to calculate your final score.  For each year older than 21 you are, you will receive a 0.5% discount on your time.  Females score an additional 5% off their time just for being such fair maidens.  Telemarkers receive an additional 15% from their time and Snowboarders receive a 20% discount.  We will combine your discounts to determine your final score of the night.  The three lowest scores per team will be combined to come up with the team score of the night.  This means that not all team members have to race each week so don't worry if you can't make it one night. Team Registration Registration is limited to the first 30 teams.

The entry fee is $200 per team until 11:59pm on January 30th, 2019. After January 30th, the fee is $250 per team. Sign up on time. Online registration closes at NOON ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 31st. First Night All racers must check in at the Activity Center on February 1st to pick up their individual racer sticker, BEFORE they race. Racers must show their sticker at the NASTAR course in order to race. Don’t show up at the top of the course expecting to race if you haven’t checked in at the Activity Center, signed your liability release form and received your racer sticker. Forget to pick up your sticker and you will be turned away. You Shall Not Pass. SIGN YOUR RELEASE FORM (IF YOU HAVEN'T ONLINE) AND PICK UP YOUR STICKER 9AM-5PM ON THE 1st.   Timeframe Races are February 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd.

The NASTAR course is open for racers from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. Don’t be late. You have two hours to get your two timed runs in so unless you are really slow you should have plenty of time. No warm-up runs on the courses are allowed.   Festivities This is the good stuff. Taps Lounge will host a post-race party each week while results are being calculated. There will be beer specials each week, tunes, games and prize drawings. Our sponsors will provide prizes to raffle away but you must be present at the party in order to win. Results are ready within an hour of the last racer run so we’ll host bar games from 6:30-7:30 to keep the excitement up before awards. The final party is a true Grand Finale and the must not miss blowout of the year. In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the theme is Starlight Mania so come to the final party dressed for the ring (spandex encouraged).

We’ll have a grand finale raffle and the only way you get entered in the raffle is by showing up each week of the series AND wearing a costume to the final party. Don’t forget to bring your favorite accessories for your team photo.   FAQ's Do I need to be there every week? You don't have to race every week to be part of the series.  However, you do need to race every week to qualify for the final grand prize drawings.   (You will also have to be in costume at the final party to enter the grand prize drawing).     What if I am a really slow skier/boarder? Welcome to Starlight Racing - this is really fun for both fast/competitive racers and pure beginner racers.  It is all about laughing and getting to meet new friends.  Oh, and beer. Do I need a lift ticket?   Yes - or a season pass.   Inexpensive lift tickets are available through non-profits in town - ususally there are some available at Schweitzer Conoco and Safeway as well. What if I want to participate but can't get a team together? Go ahead and register with the team name orphan.  Put Activity Center as your team captain.  We will contact you on the 1st and let you know how things look.  You will get a full refund if we can't get a team together for you.   ----You can also change your team name later. Are there lots of great prizes? Yes.    Our sponsors provide some great prizes and everyone gets a Starlight gift just for joining the fun.  .

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