2019 Meet the Primes

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Duval (TX3636)
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2019 Meet the Primes

This industry-wide event is part of the Small Business Development Department’s initiative to increase and maximize participation for small businesses. First Introduced in 2015, the “Meet the Primes” event has since been replicated by the department with increased attendance and participation. Over 300 one-on-one businesses matchmaking meetings has been planned between small businesses, prime contractors, the Airport Authority, other public agencies, and support services centers.   An attendee will be able to: Meet teams from San Diego County Regional Airport Authority. Learn how to do business with the Airport Authority, discover future projects and available small business opportunities. Speak with some of the industry’s general contractors and concessionaires.

Build relationships with other San Diego County agencies and find out about regional contracting opportunities. Ascertain available resources provided by support service centers and/or organizations within Southern California.

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