2018 Port Chatham Alaska Bigfoot Expedition

AtHomer, AK
CountyCortland (NY2962)
Homer, AK
Cortland (NY2962)
Tel 2018-06-16
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2018 Port Chatham Alaska Bigfoot Expedition

On June 16th, 2018 the Port Chatham Expedition Team will be traveling to Port Chatham Alaska in pursuit of the legendary, illusive and most ill-tempered "Hairy Man of Southwest Alaska" AKA- Bigfoot. The primary objective of the expedition will be to track down this legendary beast and once and for all obtain definitive proof of it's existence. Over the years, it has been alleged that the legendary Hairy Man of Southwest Alaska, Bigfoot, or what have you, is responsible for the disappearance of a number of folks in the area, as well as, responsible for the savage and untimely deaths of many as well. And infact, it is further alleged that due to it's perpetual reign of terror, the town of Port Chatham was abandoned in 1950. However, to this day, it has never been difinitively proven that Hairy Man even exists.

We hope that you can join us for this no holds barred epic event as we go in pursuit of the legendary "Hairy Man of Southwest Alaska". Believe me when I tell you this is one Adventure that you definitely won't want to miss out on. For detailed information on how you can become a part of this extrodinary event, please go to our website at www.exnorthwest.com.

Do you believe the "Hairy Man" of Southwest Alaska really exists?

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