2018 Digger’s Expedition: Colorado week #1

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AtSteamboat Springs, CO, United States
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Steamboat Springs
Steamboat Springs, CO, United States
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2018 Digger’s Expedition: Colorado week #1

It has been six long years since the Gold Prospectors Association (GPAA) and the Lost Dutchman’s Mining Association (LDMA) has operated the “Motherlode” Expedition. The time is now to “Get to the Diggin’s” and find sources of opportunity. There are “motherlodes” all around this beautiful country. In the heart of these motherlode's lies areas that are very rich in gold and beauty. We have set out and found stunning reserves for only a few lucky GPAA-LDMA members. The 2018 GPAA Digger's Expeditions will add another chapter of successful prospecting and mining to the Motherlode saga. Where will this take place? Correction, these take place? The 2018 GPAA Digger's Expeditions will be in search of gold in both the gold belts of Colorado and Tennessee. GPAA has gained access to private lands that have not been touched for decades, and are primed for dredging and highbanking for gold.

Stop dreaming about dredging and highbanking nice deposits of gold. Here's your chance. The GPAA-LDMA is signing up participants now. Each week is limited to 20 participants. Ask about discounts for spouses, bringing your own dredge, and multiple weeks. The 2018 GPAA Digger's Expeditions are divided into two one-week adventures; Colorado is August 12th -18th and 19th – 25th and Tennessee is September 2nd – 8th and 9th – 15th. All the gold recovered will be split equally. No one has ever been skunked on a Motherload trip. How much gold will you find? Who can say? The gold is found in pockets and streaks - but the gold is there. And there's always the possibility of making that BIG STRIKE. In case of a big strike, such as a one-pound nugget, a miner’s meeting will be held with all participants to make a majority decision as to how to share the find.

The Digger's Expedition is also a learning experience. You will be surrounded by seasoned and experienced prospectors and miners that are experienced in the finding of gold. They will be available to teach you what they know about dredging, highbanking, and recovering more gold. An often-repeated comment from prospectors returning from the Motherload trip is, “What I learned about dredging and cleaning concentrates on this trip is invaluable,” and they have applied this knowledge to successful prospecting and mining adventures in later years. So, there you have it. A week-long gold mining adventure with experienced gold prospectors to guide you to hidden treasure. All equipment is furnished (bring your own too), camaraderie is shared with fellow prospectors and the opportunity of a big strike does exist.

Location: STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, COLORADO The Colorado gold rush was on, with covered wagons crossing the Great Plains to cries of “Pikes Peak or Bust. ” Many of these fortune seekers turned around once they saw what they were up against in Colorado — expansive prairie followed by high mountains and the rugged wilderness of the Rocky Mountains. Although the first “bonanza” of gold may have been little more than an exaggeration, prospectors hit paying lodes in 1859. After the gold discoveries in Denver, Colorado and the mountains just west of Denver in 1858, prospectors swarmed through the Colorado Rockies in search of that shiny gold stuff. In 1862, gold was discovered near Hahns Peak, just north of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and a settlement was established there in 1866.

Known as the Lost Mine of the Sierra Madres, the fabulous gold deposit was discovered by four prospectors somewhere near the Continental Divide, about 10 miles east of Hahns Peak, in 1866. Some accounts place the discovery on the headwaters of the Elk River, which flows westward to the Yampa River. Other accounts place the discovery on the other side of the Continental Divide, along headwaters of Bear Creek, which flows eastward to the North Platte River. In either case, Ute Indians led by chief Colorow eventually showed up and forced the miners out of the mountains. The tale of the Lost Mine of the Sierra Madres remains hidden to this day. The time is now to head to a private property, with access to a virgin creek (Elk River), ready for you to hit the Motherlode.

Fee: DIGGER’S EXPEDITION: 7-Day Mining Adventure: Sunday thru Saturday LDMA Lifetime Members $850 (per participant/per week) GPAA Lifetime Members $900 (per participant/per week) GPAA Annual Members $950 (per participant/per week) Non-Members $1,000* (per participant/per week) *(Includes a GPAA 1-YR Annual Membership) Discounts Available** (Restrictions may apply): $100 Spouse Discount $100 Multiple weeks (per participant) $50 Bring your own Dredge (EZ Payment Plan is available with $150 Down) REQUIRED: Minimum $150 initial payment per participant to register and secure a spot (Non-Refundable / Non-Transferable) MEALS: ARE included in participant fee. (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner) Please let us know of any food allergies or special diet. We will do our best to accommodate with advance notice. For more information, stay tuned to this event feed as updates containing hunt information will be posted periodically. You can also call into our membership services department for hunt details at 1-800-551-9707 See you in the DIRT.

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