2000 Point Tournament

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2000 Point Tournament

-Armies must be Battleforged and can use any of the following detachments: Patrol, Battalion, Brigade, Super-Heavy Auxiliary, Fortification Network and/or Auxiliary Support. -You may only have 0-1 Super-Heavy Auxiliary, 0-1 Fortification Network, and 0-1 Auxiliary Support detachment. -Max of 3 Detachments. -Lord of War units will be permitted in this tournament, but may not make up more than 1/2 of your army's point value. -You may only have 1 Lord of War or Titanic model in your army. -Attrition: Score this objective if you destroy a higher percentage (rounded down) of your opponent’s units than they destroy of yours. -Objectives/Deployment: Players will roll off to determine objective placements, with the winner going first. After all objectives have been placed, players will roll off again to determine who will pick deployment zones.

Players then alternate deploying units, starting with the player who did not choose deployment zones, until one player has deployed their entire army. The other player will finish deploying their units. Players will roll off again for first turn with the player who finished deploying first receiving +1 to their roll. The other player may still attempt to seize the initiative. -All games will be played using variable game length. -Models must have a 3 color minimum paint scheme and be WYSWYG. Scenario 1 Deployment: Search and Destroy Objectives: -Players will place 6 objectives following standard objective placement rules. -At the start of the 3rd battle round, the player with first turn will choose 3 objectives. The player will then randomly select one of the objectives by rolling a D3 and remove the other 2 chosen objectives, the other player will repeat this for the remaining objectives at the start of their 3rd turn.

Each of the two remaining objectives will be worth 3 victory points at the end of the game. (Note: You may NOT use a command re-roll on these rolls.) -Slay the Warlord: 2 victory points -First Strike: 1 victory point -Linebreaker: 1 victory point Scenario 2 Deployment: Hammer & Anvil Objectives: -There will be one objective in the center of the board and players will place 2 other objectives following standard rules. -The objective in the center will be worth 3 victory points at the end of the game and the other 2 are each worth 1 victory point at the end of the game. -Slay the Warlord: 2 victory points. -First Strike: 1 victory point. -Attrition: 2 victory points. Scenario 3 Deployment: Dawn of War Objectives: -Slay the Warlord: 2 victory points. -First Strike: 2 victory points.

-Attrition: 5 victory points. -Linebreaker: 1 victory point. Scenario 4 Deployment: Spearhead Assault Objectives: -Players will place 6 objective markers, using standard placement rules, however each objective must be placed in a deployment zone and no more that 3 objectives may be placed in each deployment zone. At the end of the game holding the objectives in your own deployment zone will grant 1 victory point. Any objective in your opponents deployment zone that you manage to hold for two of your turns consecutively is removed from the table and counted as ‘raised’. You gain 2 victory points for every objective you ‘raise’. -Slay the Warlord: 1 victory point

Just a quick addendum, a few items you will be required to bring are a printed list with point values, any applicable codexs or indexs and current printouts of any Forgeworld units entries.

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