19. 2019 Lights, Sights & Lasers Workshop 10, Session 1 (LSL - YCSO - 1)

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19. 2019 Lights, Sights & Lasers Workshop 10, Session 1 (LSL - YCSO - 1)

   TARGET AUDIENCE: This program is a comprehensive study of rapid acquisition sight systems and there tactical application with white light for better, faster and more efficient decision making under demanding and austere conditions. This program is intended for certified and reserve police officers and those currently working in firearms training, tactical or specialty unit assignments. PROGRAM: In this intensive hands-on workshop, attendees will delve into basic through advanced techniques for Lights, Sights and Lasers and their application in today’s modern combat weapons under demanding real-world conditions. Build psychological, physiological and firearm handling skills effectively and efficiently in actual engagement considering real-world scenarios that unfold quickly.

Aided by the use of dynamic rapid acquisition sighting systems and tactical light sources, this program focuses on dynamic movement, reaction time enhancement, compressed distance, and unconventional shooting positions. Through hands-on training and demanding drills, many proprietary to Khyber, attendees will train on techniques far outside their current comfort zone, confronting them with new challenges, forcing them to solve problems rapidly and maximizing skills. TOPICS: Train to Win™ Mindset, Alternate/Unconventional shooting positions, Cover & Concealment, Multiple shot delivery, Close quarters techniques, Confined space skills, Initiative based problem-solving drills. REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Handgun (w/minimum of 3 magazines), Duty/combat Carbine (w/minimum of 3 magazines and a sling) (if you dont have a carbine please plan on running drills handgun only), Holster/magazine carrier (for both handgun and carbine), Eye protection/hearing protection (include clear eye protection for night/low light drills), Hydration, In-climate clothing (as needed), Elbow/knee pads and gloves (recommended), Minimum 400 rounds of ammunition for  your duty handgun and if your bringing a carbine bring 100 rounds of ammunition for the carbine, Handheld tactical/duty flashlight (and weapons mounted lights if applicable).
  SPECIAL NOTE: 2019 LSL Tour is a New Format, with less classroom and more range programs. There will be no time for a scheduled meal break, the daily schedule will have us working through any mealtime in order to accomplish this year's training mission. Please come prepared with meal, snacks, and water.    .

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