15 Pounds Healthier In 15 Weeks

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15 Pounds Healthier In 15 Weeks
Do you want a different body in 15 weeks? Would you like to become 15 pounds healthier? Would you feel better if you had 8 pounds less fat on your body? Would you look better with 7 more pounds of lean muscle? What if I told you you could do it while eating like a king? Never be hungry...stop craving sugar...and end the depressing and dangerous yo-yo weight loss and weight gain cycles. No diet, no drugs, and no surgery. What if I told you that you could do it in 15 weeks? And that you could not fail? Are you going to do it this time? Are you ready? I know you are..
15 Pounds Healthier In 15 Weeks Newnan Coweta thursday, may 30, 2019 - Events Newnan 2019

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