Biden goes after Trump during first OH train stop

Wed, 30 Sep 2020
Democratic Presidential Nominee Joe Biden went after President Donald Trump on his behavior during the first debate of the 2020...

DOJ announces largest healthcare fraud takedown

Wed, 30 Sep 2020
Acting Assistant Attorney General Brian Rabbitt announces cases that charge more than 300 individuals with health care fraud schemes involving...

After brain-eating amoeba killed 6-year-old boy, it could take months to clean Texas city's water

Wed, 30 Sep 2020
Authorities in LakeĀ Jackson said the city's boil advisory will be in effect for a few more weeks, then chlorine will...

Judge delays release of Breonna Taylor grand jury recordings to protect witnesses, lawyers say

Wed, 30 Sep 2020
A judge agreed to the Kentucky Attorney General's request for a delay in releasing grand jury recordings in the controversial...

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Some believe the President crashed and burned in the first debate. One adviser called it 'a disaster.'

Wed, 30 Sep 2020
6 takeaways | Watch the full debate | Opinion: Who won?

Watch the key moments from the first presidential debate

Wed, 30 Sep 2020
President Donald Trump and Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden faced off for the first time in the 2020 election and...

Debate commission says it will change format to 'ensure a more orderly discussion'

Wed, 30 Sep 2020
The Commission on Presidential Debates said Wednesday it would be making changes to the format of the remaining presidential debates...

Analysis: Why changing the debate rules can't possibly solve the real problem

Wed, 30 Sep 2020
In the wake of the single worst debate in modern American politics, the Commission on Presidential Debates is pledging to...

Opinion: Debate coach explains why the debate went wrong

Wed, 30 Sep 2020
That was the worst debate in the history of presidential debating. And I'm including primary debates. Nothing else comes close.

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