Solidarity Rally: Anti-Racist, People of Color, Allies

Addresse451 S State St
CitySalt Lake City
AtSalt Lake City and County Building
CountySalt Lake (UT3842)

451 S State St
Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City and County Building
Salt Lake (UT3842)
Tel 2017-08-14
Categoria Events

On August 11th and 12th, Neo-Nazis, called the "Alt-right," rallied in Charlottesville, VIrgina inciting racial hatred, displaying and using Nazi propaganda. The rally ultimately ended up with a brave ally being murdered. Additionally, last week at the University of Utah deplorable, henious racist posters were distributed on campus. As communities of color, we must take a stand with our allies and accomplices to make it known Utah does not tolerate racism, overt or covert. We stand together against hate toward our friends, our neighbors, our family. We stand against racial hate. This solidarity rally will be focused on how we stand together as citizens of Utah to condemn what happened in Charlottesville and to condemn the racism inherent in our policy making systems, our policing systems, our education systems, our electoral systems, our religious systems, and so on.

We stand together against hate.

My activism generally consists of staying on the couch and yelling at the TV. This shit today as me so pissed off that I will be there on Monday to oppose the actions of racists and the weak response of the current occupant of the executive branch.
Come join us in shouting out that we are America and we caree about everyone. We won't stand by and see our brothers and sisters mistreated and marginalized by hate mongers.
Utah folks, we can rise above the real life Trolls. Let's show the planet what solidarity with social justice really means.
On behalf of the Utah Buddhist Fellowship and Utah County Buddhist Fellowship, I'll be attending. Namu Amida Butsu.

Il be there on monday. We simply cannot just let this type racism continue without standing up against it.
Do we have a permit? I feel like marching in the streets must be a part of this, to honor the victims.
Will there be marching and if so will the route be wheelchair accessible?
Can someone invite all the candidates running for office to this event?
Does anyone know about a rally in Boise, ID yet?
Can I help? I have friends. Let me know please.
Anyone know about anything going on in Provo?
KaraGaultney are you down?
Are there any confirmed speakers?
My family of three will be there.
Aaron Halton Ardmore
Do we have a permit?
They need feedback.

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